Battle Creek Residential Roofing

Your Trusted Experts in Residential Roofing

Prolonging the life of your house’s roof can be assured if you make it point to invest in residential roof repair. This is the preferable and more economical option compared to actually replacing the entire roof, and we’re the ones to call when a leak or a break needs attending to.

Work Done Right – For the Long Haul

Our professional roofing experts know that when roof repair is done properly, the results can last many years. When care and expertise are implemented in any roofing project, this benefits the customer by pushing off or delaying additional expenses in roofing maintenance. We at Kalamazoo Roofing Experts can and do deliver this kind of result and benefit to all of our clients in the Kalamazoo and greater Michigan areas. Our goal is to do such a great job fixing your roofing problem that we wouldn’t have to hear from you in so many years, since our handiwork will be holding up just fine!

Identifying and Solving Roofing Problems

Being in the business of roofing repair for a very long time has allowed us to quickly identify problems in your roof (ex. identifying roof leak source) that can be a challenging endeavor for many. This is a tricky task because the way water flows makes it hard to identify the slightest of cracks where it seeps in and enters the home. Luckily, our trained experts apply tried and tested strategies that quickly pinpoint such leaks so they can stop them.

We aim to protect the overall style and security of your home by ensuring that you have a strong and reliable roof, whether you are looking to have some parts repaired or you want to have a brand new one installed by our experts. We are proud to have worked with so many homes in the Kalamazoo and greater Michigan communities through a variety of installation and repair projects that have given them more years with their current and existing roofs. Our business has expanded greatly by word of mouth, which is a testament to the quality of work that we produce!

Our Residential Services Include:

Installation and Repair

  • Shingled Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Copper Roofing
  • Steel Shingles
  • Standing seam steel, and
  • Slate roofs

Snow and Ice Removal

  • The winter months can really do a damper on your roof, and it is difficult to attempt to check out what might be causing the problem by yourself. We keep your roof in working order during the winter months by ensuring little to know impact of snow and even ice on your roof and its corresponding sidings.

Wondering what to do about your storm damaged roof? The weather in Michigan is known to challenge roof integrity, what with the amount of wind, rain, ice and hail that residents go through year in and year out. Add to this the falling branches and collapsing trees, which make it doubly necessary to find a roofing expert that can rectify the situation! We see to it that we are able to repair or replace your roof in the soonest possible time so you can resume your family lifestyle, stat. Moreover, we assist you in handling any insurance claims from the beginning to the end of a project.

Lifetime Warranty – Guaranteed

We are proud to offer lifetime warranties for both labor and products, as well as free estimates, and emergency services.

Contact us today for any questions about our services and lifetime warranties for new installations and repairs! We are looking forward to working with you and giving your roof a new lease on life. Our team of experts is just one appointment away from conducting an inspection that quickly pinpoints roofing problems so we can solve them in the soonest possible time.

Installation and Repairs

Shingled roofs
Flat roofs
Metal roofs
Copper roofing
Steel shingles
Standing seam steel
Slate roofs

Snow and Ice Removal

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Lifetime Product Warranty

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Do you have a storm damaged roof? Michigan weather can bring all kinds of challenges to the integrity of your roof through rain, wind, hail, and ice — not to mention downed trees and wayward branches that can come with these events. These can all cause your family unforeseen roof damage and leaks which significantly impact the lifespan of your roof. Battle Creek Roofers will repair your roof or replace it, plus handle your insurance claim from start to finish. 

Contact us today for a complimentary honest inspection and estimate that will not break your budget!